Friday, March 16, 2007


The American House Hotel was built by Elijah Iles in 1837 at the southeast corner of Sixth and Adams Streets.In 1838 Elijah Iles built the American House on the southeast corner of Sixth and Adams Streets. Its size alone created a sensation. When it was opened, on November 26, 1838, two hundred citizens dined with the manager, J. Clifton, “late of Boston.”

American House, considered finest three-story brick hotel west of the Alleghenies, was opened with a brilliant dinner attended by 200 guests. Lincoln probably attended.[1]

An Ohio editor wrote:

“Near the State House, he wrote, “is a gigantic building, called the American House, intended perhaps as the tavern proper for the Legislators.-Politics and politeness hover round this splendid affair. Everything inside puts you in mind of the Turkish splendor, the carpeting, the papering, and the furniture, weary the eye with magnificence. The building itself is distinguished more for the harmony and simplicity of its proportions, than the richness of its exterior. A fine place for those who are troubled with a superabundance of silver.”[2]

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The St. Charles Hotel was built circa 1830s on the south side of Jefferson between Second and Third Streets.

The Globe Tavern was built about 18___ on the north side of Adams between Third and Fourth Streets.

The Chenery House was built about 18___ at the northeast corner of Fourth and Washington Streets.



The First Presbyterian Church at the southeast corner of Third and Washington Streets.