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A pole book of special election held at the court house in Sangamon County and State of Illinois on the third day of December in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred twenty seven


1. Garret Elkin 33. Charles R. Mathina
2. Rial M Jones 34. William Strawbridge
3. George Weaver 35. Bowling Green
4. Rial Armstrong 36. Jesse Cormack
5. Joseph R Thomas 37. Thomas Chilton
6. Phillip Latham 38. Alexander D Cox
7. James Collins 39. Claiborn Davis
8. Edward Robertson 40. James C Stephenson
9. William Carpenter 41. William Spillers
10. William Kindale 42. John Spillers
11. Saml Berry 43. William Pate
12. George Davenport 44. Readin Pate
13. Levi Parish 45. Jesse Pate
14. Thomas Cox 46. John Hoover
15. John Lindsay 47. Obadiah Archer
16. Rivers Cormack 48. William Constant
17. William Drennan 49. Martin Higgins
18. Japhet A. Ball (Bale)? 50. Thomas J Turley
19. John S Ball (Bale)? 51. Thomas Asby
20. William Ball (Bale)? 52. John Donaldson
21. Samuel Little 53. Warrington Spillars
22. Andrew Elliott 54. George Stout
23. George Moffit 55. William Suly (Seely)
24. Thomas M Neale 56. William Porter
25. John Howard 57. Peter Vanburgen
26. David Black 58. Edmund Tayler
27. Jesse Armstrong 59. Abraham Carver
28. Elihu Bone 60. William H Hamilton
29. Jechoniah Langston 61. Edward Mitchell
30. David England 62. John Watkins
31. John Tayler
32. Samuel Lee

A special election held at the Court house in the Town of Springfield in the County of Sangamon & State of Illinois on the 3rd day of December in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred & twenty seven - The following named persons received the number of votes annexed to their respective names for the following described office VIZ

Joseph Thomas had forty two votes for Coroner
John Robinson had twenty votes for Coroner

Certified by us

Tom M Neale Wm Drennan sen
Thomas Cox John Lindsay
Clerks of the Election Rivers Cormack
Judges of the Election

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